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Happy, Connected Clients

At tech+help we serve a wide range of clients in the San Francisco Bay Area. From large organizations to small businesses, we strive to provide top-notch support to clients with professionalism, a dose of humor and good cheer.

To understand your company or organization's needs we schedule visits to learn first-hand how your computer systems work. Russ Curtis of tech+help delivers clearly written recommendations based on the needs of all stakeholders. The plans usually involve creating a timeline to make upgrades in computer and network systems that balance the critical needs with budgetary constraints.

Case Study #1: Synergy School

At Synergy School in San Francisco's Mission District, Russ Curtis of tech+help was brought into help study, advise and plan the upgrade of the private school's technology infrastructure. The K-8 school had been limping along with an outdated and buggy Windows Server and older donated equipment that was past its prime. It also had little in the way of a disaster recovery plan to safeguard the school's important data.

To build consensus, he worked closely with teachers, staff, the parent tech committee and students to learn how the systems needed to improve. After a few months on the job his recommendations for a three-year replacement of servers, desktops and laptops was adopted.

The school's backbone became an Apple Xserve and a new 25 laptop cart was configured to access Airport Extreme N wireless systems in Middle School classrooms. In all, 45+ new computers were purchased and setup on weekends, afterhours and Holiday/Summer breaks.

The resulting tech improvement has proven to be great morale boast for teachers and students. And the school's systems now are more reliable and less prone to outages.

The ongoing relationship with Russ Curtis also includes long-term support of servers and upgrades and trouble-shooting issues as they arise. Documentation of systems and training of staff are key elements in this support contract.

Case Study #2: Willis Ventures

Partnering with Willis Ventures in Larkspur, CA to improve upon its already solid and reliable network is another of tech+help's consulting specialties. The office computers and server at Willis just needed a little TLC.

It company also needed help developing a long-term plan to expand its network and backup systems. Russ Curtis of tech+help recommended installing FileMaker Server software to improve the speed of its heavily used database and automate backups of these critical files. The upgrade was planned and implemented during the off peak hours, keeping downtime to a minimum at the busy offices. In addition, a rotating backup system for all data was put in place to provide long-term security.


  • Synergy School

    With 200 students and staff using 70 laptops, desktops and servers, tech+help provides on-going support and long-tern technology planning at this progressive K-8 school in San Francisco, CA.

  • International Bird Rescue

    Web and blog development, technology support, server deployment and backup strategy in an all encompassing plan for this Fairfield, CA organization.

  • Willis Ventures

    Larkspur real estate firm relies on tech+help to configure a wide range of Macintosh computers and servers to best serve its commercial real estate investment practice.

  • Through the Looking Glass

    This Berkeley, CA organization relies on tech+help to keep its PC server and Windows/Mac systems running smoothly.

  • Canal Alliance

    Thoughtful integration of Mac and PC systems at this non-profit in San Rafael, CA.

  • rock and rain

    Providing ongoing Mac support to this Emeryville, CA design firm.